Hot Zambia WhatsApp Group Links 18+ ( Sugar Mummy, Dating & Single Ladies)

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Hot Zambia WhatsApp Group Links 18+ ( Sugar Mummy, Dating & Single Ladies)


Without wasting anytime, we will first of all share the rules and regulations guiding this  Zambia sugar mummies WhatsApp group. To avoid being remove in the without warning. Because we do remove anyone that violate any of these rules and regulations.

  • Do not join this Whatsapp group, if you don’t have p**n videos or xxx chat in mind.
  • Sharing of links, or advert is highly prohibited and won’t be tolerate.
  • Insulting of fellow members leads to instant remove.
  • All hot videos and pictures are highly welcome in our group, you are 100% free to share it there.
  • That’sall, have fun.

Failure to keep this rules and regulations leads to instant remove. No one will warn you before removing, so try to note that this group is for s** chat, videos and mingle. Follow the link below to join us..

S** Group

If you have any Zambia WhatsApp group link, to share with us, then go ahead. Don’t forget that spamming of group with links is not allowed, so” you’re adviced to contact us for any of your group link you would like us to post here.